Our research group has two separate lab facilities and is looking forward to expanding into additional lab space this year.


With all that space, we have several laser systems, including a 25 TW Ti:Sapphire laser (~1 J, 40 fs 10 Hz) , a smaller 10 TW system, and a 100 ps Nd:YAG laser. These in turn support several target chambers for studying laser based charged particle acceleration, nonlinear and quantum optical effects, and femtosecond laser filamentation in air.

Working together as a group means a lot of hard work, and every day we have the opportunity for hands on experience with complicated experiments (and not just for taking cool pictures with lasers).


Ultimately, we may have lots of interesting projects and state of the art equipment, but our greatest asset is our researchers, who bring creativity and drive to the lab everyday.


We are always eager to accept motivated students as research assistants in our group, and interested students can contact Dr. Milchberg.

Panoramic shot of our smaller Ti:Sapphire system, which supports research of femtosecond filamentation and strong field optics.

Laboratory for Intense Maser Latter Interactions

Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics

Energy Research Facility, Bldg. #223

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